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I'm not saying you should visit, in fact it might disturb you more than you think. The domain name says it all, the site is full of doodie animations and while they're highly amusing ... they can get to you after a while. Seeing poop come out of someone's butt, even if it's a cartoon, is weird amusement for sure. But hey, if flying turds is your cup of pee .. er.. tea then by all means go and have a blast!

International Center for Bathroom EtiquetteInternational Center for Bathroom Etiquette

ICBE is the creation of one man determined to educate the public on the proper course of action in public urinal environments. He may be mental but we love the site.

improve the bathroom experience for everyone

Light That Fart!Light That Fart!

Can you guess the context of Yes, it's all videos of people lighting their farts. While I applaud the site's contents, it isn't very extensive and there's no smooth way to submit your own ass flambe (you'll need to upload to YouTube and then contact the webmaster). Still, let's hope its substance grows!

Pretty Girls Fart . comPretty Girls Fart

Jim Dunker wrote to make me aware of which seeks to alleviate the pressure of perfection by exposing everyone's expulsions are normal even for those blessed as beautiful by society.

Fart FarmTracey's Fart Farm

The Fart Farm celebrates the pleasure of poof with user submissions for sounds, stories, poems, and names (e.g. what do you call your farts?). In addition you can send fartastic ecards (crap-o-grams) to your friends and maybe soon buy some bling!

UPDATE: Sadly the fart farm is no more.

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