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The Ultimate Fart Soundboard, or "FartBoard" as I like to call it, is a flash app with tons of funny fart sounds. It's too bad you can't extract these farts as MP3's or WAV's, because they're endless amounts of amusement. Equally entertaining are the fart titles associated with the fart sounds: What Are You Saying?, Puff Daddy, Air Biscuit, Wet N' Wimpy, Opra Wind-Free, Feces Pieces, and Nice Try are just a few clever phrases perfectly aligned with their audible counter-parts.

For the juvenile in all of us (or maybe I'm the only one laughing)!

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Got a horrific/hilarious potty tale, joke, photo, or video that belongs up here? I'm collecting! Send them to boom@fartgo.com along with your preference for anonymity or full credit.

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